As we mourned  the tragic death in Ethiopia of 157 people on board a Boeing 737-MAX Jet, we were reminded of the

hazards of doing business in Africa (the second largest continent in the world), which requires air travel from one airport to another.
The unplanned and untimely passing of these passengers raises the question for us CEOs about the legacies that we will leave behind when our journeys in leadership of our companies come to a (planned or unplanned) end. What are you doing today to ensure that your company can not only survive, but thrive, many years after you have relinquished the reins of leadership of the company? What actions and decisions are you taking and making today that will put your company on a growth trajectory and ensure that it stays on a growth trajectory long after your departure? How are you equipping yourself to provide this kind of leadership?
If you are like most CEOs in Africa, thinking about your exit while you are in the prime of your life may be uncomfortable. However, it should drive a sense of urgency in you to equip yourself to lead your company into a period of extraordinary growth during the limited time that you have at the helm of your company. Every year, every month, every day counts.
At BCA, we inspire and equip leaders for the challenges of rapidly and exponentially expanding your company across the African continent. Learn from other CEOs who have done it or are in the process of doing it, exchange ideas with peer CEOs, and connect with CEOs in different countries who may be your future business partners, suppliers, customers, or advisors. Grow your capacity for leadership in Africa. Do it now. There are people whose current and future livelihoods depend on your willingness to invest in yourself to be a better leader and prepare your company for a better future.

 by Modupe Taylor-Pearce