From 1986 – 1988, I lived in Nairobi and never knew or heard of a country called Rwanda (I heard of Uganda,

Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia). In 1994 Rwanda became famous for all the wrong reasons. The rise of Rwanda like a phoenix from the ashes of violence and destruction is a testament to the power of leadership and belief in the power of one’s citizens to determine their own positive destiny. In 2018, Kigali hosted more international conferences and meetings than Nairobi.  Leadership matters.

Rwanda provides a classic hope that Africa can work. Visit Rwanda and you will be inspired by the plethora of evidence you will see, good leadership and the efficient utilization of scarce resources. You will see the results of dreaming big and having the discipline to pursue the vision. You will rub shoulders with other CEOs who will challenge you to dream bigger than you have ever dreamt before and to lead better than you have ever led.  And you will realize that unlike Rwanda which took 20 years to achieve its vision, you can achieve it in less time, because you have tools and technology available to you that were not available in 2000.
The team at BCA are determined to transform Africa in the next decade. We are focused on impacting Corporate Africa through its CEOs. Rwanda provides a vivid reminder and a challenge to all leaders about the transformative power of good leadership. Join us at BCA and invest in your leadership capacity to transform your company’s performance and growth trajectory.