1n 2019, Google, Microsoft and Huawei either launched or announced the launching of major projects in Africa that will draw talent and raise the bar of leadership performance and compensation for employers in Africa. These companies are looking for exceptional engineering, information-technology and innovative-thinking talent to bring on board to staff their Data centers, Artificial Intelligence centers, and Development Centers. And you thought finding and keeping talented employees was hard enough? With the advent of communications technology like 4G and the rapid expansion of broadband connectivity in African urban areas, talent in Africa is being liberated from the shackles of location and country-of-residence to be able to work and earn money across the globe. This transformation has significant implications for companies in Africa as they seek to grow exponentially and succeed in an increasingly borderless business world. For African CEOs, these developments create greater import to the issue of enhancing their ability to lead effectively, because when it comes to managing talent… People don’t quit companies; they quit people… As you ponder how to find, groom and retain the best talent that will enable you to grow your company, invest in your own capacity to lead. Join BCA and let’s help you  acquire skills and inspiration to become a better leader.