Job Title: Project Manager

Location: Remote

Working Hours: Flexible

Travel Required: Not frequent

Compensation: Flexible. A mixture of fixed and performance-based.

Position Type: Part Time

Job Description: The purpose of this role is to ensure the profitability of organizing MLC annually in an African Country or virtually to recruit CEOs for BCA in all countries where it operates.


MLC consists of  a gathering of High Impact Learning and Networking for Growth-Oriented African Business Leaders. A gathering of Founders, CEOs, MD’s, and GM’s of companies in Africa. MLC offers Africa’s current business leaders, the incredible opportunity to enhance their capacity to exchange of  ideas, learn from and challenge one another, and build the foundation for future business alliances and partnerships.


Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer of BCA, the Project Manager for MLC  will play an instrumental role in planning and organizing the annual MLC across the African continent. To do this, you must be someone who can bring creativity, collaboration, high taste of excellence and energy to the BCA Team. In this role, you will lead the organization of the MLC across cities on the African continent year on year. You will focus on acquiring vendors, getting the best rates, securing sponsors and the overall end-to-end experience of MLC participants from registration to attending the conference, to participation and to becoming full paying members of BCA. You will work closely with various Stakeholders especially the Cohort Facilitators of the selected country to bring the event to live.



1.Develop the event concept and plan each year’s MLC by:

  1. Gathering information about the event including Guest Speakers,         venue, attendees etc
  2. Selecting vendors who will perform various roles and negotiate contracts with the best possible discounts

2.Develop an overall budget and keep to it  by identifying opportunities to cut down or relocate cost to ensure the project stays on budget

3.Work with Cohort Facilitators to identify sponsors and negotiate sponsorship deals

4.Lead on the design, content and production of all promotional activities needed for MLC

5.Organise Guest Speaker and Delegate packs

6.Secure booking of accommodation, travel and all logistics needed for event

7.Facilitate registration of participants through sending out invitations, reminders etc

8.Create a social media platform to engage present and future attendees of MLC throughout the calendar year

9.Organise monthly, weekly updates with host Cohort Facilitators and CEO of BCA


1.Ensure the readiness of all logistics including branding, merchandise, transportation etc needed for the conference

2.See to the seamless registration aand participation of all participants and Guest Speakers

3.Ensure the right media coverage for the event

4.Be the go to person to assist all participants and MLC Stakeholders with all queries etc


1.Prepare a report on MLC and create the blue print for the next conference.

2.Reach out to attendees and sponsors with  customised thank yous

3.Collate and compile all recommended CEOs to be put on radar for next MLC

4.Recruit participants/attendees who are not registered BCA members into BCA by coordinating with respective Cohort Facilitators

5.Keep MLC social media accounts engaged with snippets of happenings for MLC

6.Be responsible for the MLC attendants database


1.Organizational skills and attention to details

2.Event management skills

3.Flexibility to travel across Africa

4.Connection across high profile CEOs and Organizations in Africa is key

5.Demonstrated history of ability to secure sponsorships


About Breakfast Club Africa (BCA)

BCA is a company dedicated to the positive transformation of Africa. Established in 2017 and registered in Mauritius as a GBL-1 Corporation, the company provides amazing learning experiences (including peer-learning, peer-problem-solving and executive coaching) to leaders of African organizations/companies that enhance leadership and organizational growth. The vision of BCA is to transform Africa into a middle income continent by 2030 by positively impacting 1 million heads of organizations in public, private, and non-profit sector organizations. The company is led by its CEO, Dr. Modupe Taylor-Pearce.

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