We are excited to share about our latest partnership with CDI-Africa Coaching Group, an ICF-Accredited coach training organization based in Kenya and serving the Africa region for 15 years. @CDI-Africa Coaching Group provides coach training and certification, the global coaching index, and coaching-related technical training advisory services both physically and online and currently has a reach in 12 African countries and growing. 

Through this partnership, BCA which has Coaches in East,West,Central and the South African regions will expand its services with access to a wider network of competent coaches to provide leadership enhancement services to public, private and non-profit sector organizational leaders in Africa; CDI-Africa will expand its impact on leaders in Africa through the provision of coach training for leaders who wish to enhance their leadership and impact through the addition of coaching skills.  

Speaking about the partnership, Eileen Laskar, Founder and CEO of CDI Africa stated: “We envision a long-term partnership with Breakfast Club Africa because our organizations have similar values and vision. We are one of the pioneers of coach training in East Africa and this partnership will enable us to impact leaders in other regions of Africa.”
When asked to reflect on the partnership, Dr Modupe Taylor-Pearce, CEO of BCA, shared…”I am excited about a partnership with CDI Africa – an organization that has earned a world-class reputation for coach training. At BCA we are aware that the size of our vision – to transform Africa – is daunting and we cannot accomplish it alone. We must collaborate with other organizations of competence and character that share a passion for transformation of Africa and are willing to risk engaging in African partnerships. For Africa to fulfill its true potential, Africans must collaborate to tackle its problems and our hope is that this collaboration will be successful and strengthened by many more that will make Africa into the Africa we want”.