A Pan-African Leadership Enhancement Conference for African CEOs
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Two Days of High Impact Learning and Networking for Growth-Oriented African Business Leaders.

A gathering of Founders, CEOs, MD’s, and GM’s of African-owned companies with an annual turnover of $500,000 to $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars).


As Africa’s current business leaders, we have an incredible opportunity to tap into the largest youthful workforce in the world to transform our businesses. To do this, we must enhance our capacity as leaders…

All of the resources that African CEOs need to grow their businesses can be found in Africa…

At MLC we will meet and exchange ideas, learn from and challenge each other, and build the foundation for future business alliances and partnerships.


Because Rwanda works!

A shining example of an Africa that works and an economy that is growing

Easy to fly in and out of….


MLC was uniquely created by African CEOs for African CEOs. For the inaugural conference in Rwanda in June 2019, the conference audience capacity will be at a maximum of 100 African CEOs


Learning labs: learn from peers, Leadership Coaches, and exchange ideas in small interactive sessions facilitated by professional facilitators

Peer-based problem-solving sessions: work with other business leaders to solve real problems at real companies.

Needs and leads sessions: use the power of an instant network to find ready-to-use solutions to your company’s needs…

Networking sessions: build the foundation for future partnerships and alliances that your company will need to grow… 

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Kigali Marriott Hotel| Kigali – Rwanda
6-7 June 2019



Conference attendees (CEOs & MDs) will join the conference upon paying an entrance fee and their own airfare. Registration fees cover hotel accommodation in Kigali (2 nights), meals, transportation and full conference access for two days.

  • Rwanda-based fee Breakfast Club Africa members: $400 Excl
    VAT & Bank charges
  • International Breakfast Club Africa (BCA) members:$750 Excl
    VAT & Bank charges
  • International guests non-BCA members: $1,500 Excl
    VAT & Bank charges
  • Rwanda-based CEOs non-BCA members: $1,000 Excl
    VAT & Bank charges
  • Conference Venue: Kigali Marriott Hotel
  • Accommodation: Kigali Marriott Hotel
  • Preferred Airline Carrier: RwandAir


Entrance is limited to 100 conference participants, to secure your booking early.


Gain more visibility of your company among African CEO peers by becoming one of our corporate sponsors and partners on the continent.


To find out more about how you can become a corporate sponsor or register individually, please contact us at

Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Rwanda: +250780666422


Dr. Modupe Taylor Pearce_ CEO at Breakfast Club Africa (BCA)

From 1986 – 1988 I lived in Nairobi and never knew or heard of a country called Rwanda (I heard of Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia). In 1994 Rwanda became famous for all the wrong reasons. The rise of Rwanda like a phoenix from the ashes of violence and destruction is a testament to the power of leadership and belief in the power of one’s citizens to determine their own positive destiny. In 2018, Kigali hosted more international conferences and meetings than Nairobi. Leadership matters.
If you have not been to Rwanda before, the Made-in-Africa Leadership Conference is an opportunity for you to see first-hand how an African country can work. You will be inspired by the plethora of evidence you will see in Rwanda of good leadership and the efficient utilization of scarce resources.

You will see the results of dreaming big and having the discipline to pursue the vision. You will rub shoulders with other CEOs who will challenge you to dream bigger than you have ever dreamt before and to lead better than you have ever led. And you will realize that unlike Rwanda which took 20 years to achieve its vision, you can achieve it in less time, because you have tools and technology available to you that were not available in 2000.
The organizers of the Made-in-Africa Leadership Conference are determined to transform Africa in the next decade. We are focused on impacting Corporate Africa through its CEOs. The choice of Rwanda as the venue for the first MLC was an easy one…it provides a vivid reminder and challenge to all CEPOs about the transformative power of good leadership. Join us in Kigali in June and invest in your leadership capacity to transform your company’s performance and growth trajectory. Modupe Taylor-Pearce, PHD


Rwanda Convention Bureau (RCB) is a company established by the Government of Rwanda to promote Rwanda as a premier destination and as a one-stop solution for assistance, information and neutral advice on hosting and organising MICE / business events.

Rwanda Convention Bureau Chief Executive Officer, Nelly Mukazayire said, “We are excited and look forward to hosting the first Made-in-Africa Leadership Forum in Rwanda. We believe it will be a platform that will yield leadership solutions for Africa best found within Africans – as we have all it takes to lead our continent towards prosperity. Partnering with the MLC was a great opportunity for Rwanda as it continues to build its self as a preferred MICE destination. We want event owners across the globe to discover Rwanda and what it has to offer it terms of hosting meetings, which is why we forged a partnership with the MLC. We therefore look forward to receiving MLC delegates to Remarkable Rwanda”


Mr. Mustapha Njie, the Founder of TAF Africa Global. TAF Africa Global is a Made-in-Africa multi-national real estate development company registered in eight African countries and rapidly expanding with a vision to develop one million homes in the next 20 years. Mr. Njie is a successful business leader who, despite winning the 2017 CNBC/All Africa Business Leaders Award for West Africa Entrepreneur of the Year, is still hungry for more growth. He hails from The Gambia.


There are thousands of construction companies in Africa, but only a handful of them have successfully become multinational operators. The journey of TAF Africa Global (TAF operates in 8 African countries) is remarkable because of the fact that it started in one of the smallest countries in Africa – The Gambia; It is also incredible because of the high capital required for expansion in the construction/development industry. Mustapha shares his journey of leadership and the challenges of leading and operating a mutinational business (he learned French in order to be able to do busines in Francophone Africa). He also provides insights on effective succession planning, a process that he has already initited at TAF.


We are pleased to announce that the Kigali Marriott hotel has committed to being a GOLD sponsor of the leadership conference.  The Made-in-Africa Leadership Conference is supported by SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM sponsors who share one thing in common – a passion for growth in Africa. According to the General Manager, Mr. Rex A. G. Nijhof:

“The Kigali Marriott Hotel is proud to be a key partner with the Made in Africa Leadership Conference (MLC). The corporate traveler plays a very important role in our business and therefore we are able to provide a platform to impress our clients with the extensive conference center that features state of the art meeting rooms and a ballroom with full audio-visual capabilities and not to forget we are able to showcase to top CEOs how we as Marriott International are able to host you brilliantly!”


Dr. Youssef Travaly is the Acting President at the Africa Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Senegal and Vice-President of Science Innovation & Institutional Partnerships, Next Einstein Forum. He is in charge of articulating the NEF’s scientific and technological ambitions including managing the policy aspects and Global Gathering program. He is also responsible for developing and sustaining relationships with multiple partner institutions and stakeholders, resource mobilization, donor relationship as well as driving innovation across the entire AIMS network. Dr. Travaly holds an MBA together with a PhD in Materials Science.


Although Africa has the fastest growing scientific research production of 38.6 percent over a 5-year period from the start of 2012 to the end of 2016, Africa still contributes less than 1 percent to the total research generated in the World. Research is about solving problems and Africa has no shortage of them. Dr Travaly explores how embracing research and new technology by business leaders can create enormous economic opportunities for African businesses: from creating new technologies to testing them to marketing and monetizing them to exporting them to the rest of the world.


Mireille Ineza Karera, CEO of Kora Coaching Group and Leadership Coach from Kigali, Rwanda shares her views on the Cost of Exhaustion.

 As CEOs, we have many demands – personal and professional – on our time, attention, and energy, and we struggle with achieving optimal work-life balance. After coaching dozens of CEOs across Africa, I have come to realize that tired CEOs make poor decisions and the most effective CEOs are the ones who are intentional about planning their weekly calendars. In her book on  ‘Top Five Regrets of the Dying ‘, Bronnie Ware who interviewed hundreds of patients in dyingwards, recorded these top 5 regrets common to many leaders:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.
I am a former workaholic who, after making regrettable decisions while exhausted, adopted a new strategy of being intentional about my daily and weekly schedule and incorporating all areas of my life into my schedule as I plan for the week. I have experienced positive change in my relationships and behaviors towards my staff, family, and friends.
What can you do differently to improve your work-life balance?


Dr Mohamed is a Somali-born doctor who grew up feeding the refugees her mother (Dr. Hawa Abdi) was harboring. She earned an MD in Moscow in 2000 and was an OB-GYN resident in Russia until 2003 before relocating to the USA to work in healthcare. Dr. Mohamed worked with MSF (Doctors Without Borders) from 2008 to 2010 in Somalia during the measles outbreak in the country, leading the vaccination team as they vaccinated 14,000 children under 5. She is CEO of the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation and leads the 400-bed Dr. Hawa Abdi General Hospital, the Waqaf-Diblawe Primary School, a women’s education center, and a smart farming agriculture project. Dr. Mohamed is the co-founder of Somalia Cancer Society where she actively raises awareness about cancer and a member of the Advisory Board for the Global Women in Health (Somalia).


Over the past decade, global concern about the disproportionate burden of disease and mortality in low-income countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, has led to a substantial influx of funding for research by many donor and research agencies. However, most of these agencies are funded by non-Africans and non-Africa companies and the research foci and benefits accrue disproportionately to non-African stakeholders. There is an economic opportunity for Africans to lead in the discoveries of new medical breakthroughs to be accessed by the rest of the globe. Dr Mohammed will share with business leaders how world class medical research contributes to the economic advancement of African companies and countries and how your business can benefit from the opportunities.


BPR is a commercial bank in Rwanda that traces its roots to 1975, when a group of ordinary Rwandans in Nkamba with a vision to have access to finance to achieve better livelihoods collectively organized themselves into the first Banque Populaire. Today BPR, known as the neighborhood bank, has become the bank with the largest network in Rwanda offering financial services of the furthest corners of the country. BPR is part of the Atlas Mara group, a financial service group with operations in several African countries.According to Mr. Maurice Toroitich, MD of BPR, ‘‘BPR is a bank


Ignace is the Principal Country Officer for the East Africa Hub of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). His long career in business management and investment includes executive positions with the Aga Khan Group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the World Bank Group.  Since he joined the IFC in 2007, he has been instrumental in leading Investment operations, developing scalable business models and ecosystems, managing investment and advisory teams, and facilitating successful investments into companies in Africa as Senior Operations Officer, Program Manager, Country Resident Representative, and Country Head. Ignace is passionate about developing the private sector in Africa. Ignace is excited to engage and share his experiences and knowledge with participants of MLC .


The IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. One of the most commonly-referenced impediments to business growth according to business leaders is access to capital to fund this growth. In this session, Ignace will share, based on his decades of experience in designing growth capital solutions for companies, how African companies can access growth capital to fund their expansion plans.


Anne is the Board Chair of Standard Chartered Bank Kenya and a senior advisor to the President of Kenya on SME development. She is also the Executive Director of Biashara Factors Ltd, a finance house that provides trade services to SME’s. She has a wealth of experience in the financial services sector having worked for several commercial bank organizations including Middle East Bank, ABN AMRO and Citibank as Vice President – Head of SME Unit. Anne holds a number of other positions including board membership in Old Mutual / UAP Company Limited and is also a past Chairperson of the Women Enterprise Fund Kenya.


Across Africa, it’s often not the norm to find African businesses or brands that survive the death or retirement of their founders. The challenges of going from a small corporation that is supremely dependent on the energy, networks and reputation of the founder/CEO to a corporation that can outlive and outlast several generations of CEOs is fraught with pitfalls that few African companies have been able to overcome. Anne shares her experience in supporting and observing SME’s that have made this journey and provides insights for today’s CEOs of African companies on how to ensure that fifty years from today, Africa can have its own IBMs, Coca-Colas, Fords and Nestlés.


Dr. Donald Kaberuka is a Rwandan economist. He currently serves as the Managing Partner of Southbridge, a full-service pan-African financial solution advisory services for public and private clients. He served as Minister of Finance and Economic Planning in Rwanda for 8 years, as President of the African Development Bank Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors served for 10 years (2005-2015). At the African Development Bank, he championed a strong focus on developing infrastructure and policies to strengthen African institutions. 


Dr. Diane Karusisi is the Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Kigali. She is a seasoned economist who has held several leadership positions in the past. Prior to joining Bank of Kigali, Diane was the Head of Strategy and Policy and Chief Economist at the Office of the President. Diane also served at the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda where she oversaw the design and implementation of major surveys. Before she moved back to Rwanda, Diane worked as a Fixed Income Portfolio Engineer at Credit Suisse in Zurich and taught Statistics at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. She studied Economics majoring in Econometrics and holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Fribourg.


Ashish is a sequential entrepreneur who started his first business in 1996 at the age of 15 with a $5,000 loan. Through its investments, Mara Corporation has transformed from a small IT business to a globally-recognized multi-sector group with a presence
across 26 African countries in sectors spanning technology, manufacturing and financial services. Ashish is passionate about enabling, empowering and inspiring young entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs. In 2012, Ashish was appointed a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in recognition of his success and leadership in driving social and economic change in Africa. Ashish truly believes that by ‘doing good’ you will ‘do well’ and is excited to attend the Made-in-Africa Leadership Conference because, as he says, “I am still work in progress”.


I am always delighted to meet CEOs, to listen to their thoughts, discuss opportunities and challenges that drive them as they deliver today’s results and focus on the future of their organisations. Having spent a number of years as CEO of a large listed bank in East Africa, and now retired from this role, I am still intrigued that the challenge of Leadership remains fundamentally the same – to mobilise our teams to deliver the future, taking into account the expectations of all stakeholders in our ecosystem. In today’s VUCA world, leadership practices of the past cannot make us winners of tomorrow. Successful versatility in creating the balance between strategic versus operational work and between forceful versus enabling styles of leadership makes the difference between good and great leaders.  The passion for great leadership must flow in the bloodstream of those privileged to ascend to these roles. 

“I am really looking forward to the Made in Africa Leadership Conference in June in Kigali, Rwanda to interact with Africa’s Corporate leaders, to share experiences and to commit to actions that will make multinationals out of African companies in the years to come.”








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