The Akwaaba Tour

Ghana is the land of rich heritage, a beautiful country with wonderful people. On this trip, you will discover Accra, Ghana’s capital and its history in a special way. Right from the Ako Adjei interchange(GBC) (The President House) (Kokomlemle & Adabraka)➡️ Ring Road Central ➡️ Kwame Nkrumah interchange ➡️ Ring Road West (VIP, Neoplan Station, Accra Digital Centre – SHC, STC, Awudome, Obetsebi Circle, Abossey Okai –Mosque –Mortuary Road) ➡️ Boxing Emporium ➡️ Stop @ Old Accra – Ga Mashie (James Town, Light house, Chief’s Palace) ➡️ Stop @ Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park (Arts Centre) ➡️ Stop at Independence Square ➡️ AICC ➡️ Liberation Circle


Our team at the conference venue will be ready to welcome you. Collect your name tag, your conference goodie bag and get fired for an unforgettable 2 days.

Conference Opening

This is where we set the stage, to welcome you officially to MLC2023. To tune you into a state of awareness, reflections and the possibilities of Africa with your leadership of course. From various keynotes to a distinguished panel of experts of Collaboration and Trade in Africa, you will be made aware of what is possible and what your organization can plug into, to become a global force

Peer Learning Labs 1
Transforming health service delivery in Africa.

Despite notable advancements in healthcare, such as an increase in life expectancy, significant improvements in child and maternal health, and a decline in communicable diseases, many Africans still face significant challenges in accessing quality healthcare. This is due to a range of factors, including insufficient healthcare infrastructure, inadequate funding, limited availability of essential medicines and technologies, and a shortage of skilled healthcare workers. You will learn about some amazing health care delivery systems put in place by Africans for Africans.

Learning to let go: Leadership Transitions.

Letting go can be a difficult process for many leaders, especially those who have invested significant time and energy in their current role. It is worse for people who have built their organizations right from the beginning to an appreciable level of growth. During this session, you will gain a better understanding of the emotional aspects of letting go and develop strategies for managing these emotions effectively. You will also learn how to delegate effectively and create a transition plan that ensures a smooth handover of responsibilities.

Leveraging Technology for a working Africa.

As technology continues to reshape the world, Africa’s digital transformation has the potential to leapfrog traditional development models, creating new opportunities for inclusive economic growth and development. Whether you’re a startup founder, a tech enthusiast, or an established business leader, you will benefit from this session as it will explore the latest trends, ideas, and innovations that are shaping the future of Africa.


Sit next to someone you have not met before and forge a new relationship. Or continue a discussion you started earlier in the day about a potential collaboration. After all, MLC2023 is all about collaborations and partnerships.

Instant Coaching session

The concept of coaching is new to many African leaders. We recognize that. You have an opportunity to schedule a quick complimentary coaching session with one of Africa’s best Executive Coaches. Call it a free trial where you don’t have to input your card details. We know it will make a difference.

Industry Site Visit (For in-person participants)

Choose one of our four host organizations to gain a first-hand understanding of its operations, processes, and products or services. During an industry site visit, you will have the opportunity to meet with key personnel, tour the facility or production site, observe the manufacturing or service process in action, and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of the organization’s operations and business practices. There will also be a boardroom discussion after the tour where you will be presented with a challenge facing the organization and together, you will rainstorm to come up with potential solutions. We believe ardently that all the solutions needed to solve Africa’s business challenges are right here in Africa.

Peer Learning Lab 2 (For virtual participants)

Needs & Leads (For virtual participants)

Optional cocktail with fireside chat

Consolidating the many things we have seen and heard in Day one, this is a light evening to sip, chat and discuss deeply what you are taking home with you. Grab your new friend and share ideas together. Of course, with over 40 world-class Facilitators with BCA Leadership, the session will be moderated. We are all about giving you value.

Panel Discussion
Trade and collaboration in Africa.

Trade and collaboration are crucial for Africa’s development and growth. By promoting regional integration, attracting investment, facilitating technology transfer, promoting sustainable development, and enhancing competitiveness, Africa can unlock its potential and become a major player in the global economy. How are we doing this individually in our businesses and where are we in terms of implementing policies that will facilitate trade and collaborations with Africans? This session will be hot and tough but it will be fulfilling in the end because, we will all know where we fit in the grand scheme of trading and collaborating amongst ourselves.

Peer Learning Labs 3
The impact of coaching on leaders in Africa.

Four out of five leaders of all Fortune 500 companies have Executive Coaches. Coaching is becoming a popular development tool for leaders in Africa, with a growing number of organizations recognizing its potential to enhance leadership performance and drive organizational growth although at a very slow rate. Exploring the power of coaching, its benefits, and why you need one, this session is our favorite because it is the core of what we do, and we are not shy to let you know that you need a Coach.

Quality in the face of Adversity: Leadership Lessons.

Leadership in the face of adversity requires a focus on quality to overcome challenges and achieve success. To maintain quality, leaders must embrace a growth mindset, prioritize communication, lead by example, foster a culture of innovation, build resilience, and maintain a long-term focus. How do you maintain a long-term focus when your short-term boat is sinking? How do you foster a culture of innovation when you are struggling to just stay afloat? We assure you, you are not the first leader to go through this and you will definitely not be the last. Some people have overcome this challenge and they are going to willingly share their recipes.

From Impact to Legacy: Transforming Education.

The impact of how people are educated in Africa today is significant and has far-reaching consequences. Education is critical in driving economic growth, reducing poverty, and promoting social and political stability. By providing individuals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to participate fully in society, education can improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. Moreover, education is a key driver of innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation, which are critical for sustained economic growth and development. However, the current state of education in Africa faces many challenges, including limited access, poor quality, and inadequate preparation for the workforce. People are catalyzing a major change in this sector, and we will want you to learn about this, for the sake of your own children and the next generation of Africa.

Creating African/global footprints using the church’s playbook.

Creating African/global footprints using the church’s playbook involves taking inspiration from the strategies and principles that have made the church a powerful and influential institution throughout history. The church’s playbook is built on the principles of leadership, service, community, and vision, which can be applied to other areas such as business and social entrepreneurship. By embracing these principles, African entrepreneurs and leaders can create businesses and organizations that have a lasting impact on their communities and the world.


Instant Coaching Session 2

Closing Ceremony/Awards/Book Launch

This will be epic. We will showcase some fantastic African writers who have written on leadership that you will need to include in your library. The stories are home-grown and are set in context to give you a clear picture of perfecting your leadership in the African way. Together with The African Coaching and Consulting Awards based in South Africa, we will recognise organizations and leaders who are making phenomenal contributions in the coaching industry in Africa