Daisy Kopolo


Daisy has over 30years experience in business development having led organisational teams in driving business and market growth in both local and international public and private sector organisations. She has multidisciplinary executive and board experience from work in logistics and supply chain management, international development agency work, professional accountancy development work and financial services.  Daisy’s work experience has spanned Southern African markets for which she had market development headship and from Johannesburg, SA and eventually global strategic relationships oversight when she worked for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA. She has also been a key driver of Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Reporting, a thought leadership agenda that is increasingly becoming a competitive differentiator of businesses across Africa.  She was the oversight for ACCA   Annual Sustainability Reporting Awards for 5 years, that saw the participations of up to 40 premier companies in the market. 

Daisy is passionate about people and corporate development and believes that a visionary and strategically empowered people can turn Africa’s narrative into a supremely positive one. Her passion is channeled towards coaching African legacy leaders who are critical to organizational and economic sustainability across the continent, and purposeful nurturing of the next-generation of innovative minds. Her strengths-based approach to coaching and training recognizes the unique African paradigm and way of being, that deserves to be honoured and used as competitive capital both locally and on global stages. 

Daisy founded Platinum Black, a coaching, training and consulting business as the vehicle to drive her Africa leadership development passion.  She is also currently serving as a member of the National Olympics Committee Marketing Commission, Membership Committee of the Institute of Directors, Trustee of Grace Ministries Mission and as Vice-Chairperson of a newly established Clean Cities Initiative

Daisy, holds a MPhil of Management Coaching from Stellenbosch University, MA in Marketing from the University of Central England (now Birmingham City University) and a MBA from the Heriot –Watt University.