Dr Dumi Magadlela

South Africa

Dumi Magadlela, PhD, is a human behavior practitioner, a certified international Executive Coach
and Leadership Development Facilitator based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently, Dumi works
as a Programme Manager in the Pan African Capacity Building Programme (PACBP) at the
Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA). He is a member of the International Coach Federation
(ICF) in good standing, and currently serves as a Trustee on the international Board of Trustees of the
ICF Foundation, promoting the use and value of coaching globally. He is one of the Founding Board
Members of the Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP). In his
work, Dumi uses Emotional Intelligence, Gestalt principles, and Ubuntu Coaching approaches (and
practices) to ignite human excellence within leaders and individuals, in teams, and across
organisational systems. He has been helping organizations develop agile and high-performance
cultures and teams for over 20 years. Dumi is passionate about helping leaders navigate the modern
high-tech and digital work place to co-create the #NextNormal. He facilitates skills development
sessions to promote and develop coaching ways-of-being that help re-humanize the fast-changing
world of work. Dumi is a Senior Faculty member at The Integral Africa Coaching Centre in Cape Town
and Johannesburg, where he delivers a module on the African Coaching Context. He is part-time
Faculty at the University of Stellenbosch Business School where he delivers a module on African Team
Coaching Fundamentals in the MPhil in Management Coaching. Dumi has recently (2020) been invited
to serve as Associate Faculty in the newly established team-coaching certification programme at the
Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI), where he facilitates engagement sessions. He is among
international coaches supporting the pioneering EthicalCoach team coaching NGO leaders in
Ethiopia. He has featured as a speaker on WBECS webinars presenting on this work. Dumi works
across the African continent delivering leadership, coaching, mentoring, training, and organisational
culture sessions in-house and among partner institutions. He is co-editor of a pioneering industry-
based publication on African coaching and consulting, aimed at giving a voice to unpublished views.
He regularly features on radio and television programmes discussing coaching and personal
effectiveness. He also writes children’s books from a coaching perspective. He is an advocate of Afro-
centric coaching being introduced early in children’s education, and across school curricula in Africa.