Mulalo Rambau


Mulalo is the founder of RM Overflow Consulting incorporated in South Africa in 2018. She is the Lead Coach and Trainer at Gilgal Divine Consultants (GDC) founded in Zambia. Both companies are in the people development and organizational development space. Her work experience spans over 25 years in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Rwanda.

She worked in Rwanda from November 2018 until July 2021 as the Group Managing Director of KORA Coaching Group Ltd (KORA) and Kora Coaching Group & Business Academy Ltd (KCA). She was responsible for the operations of both companies and setting up governance processes.

Over the years Mulalo has had the opportunity to coach teams and mentor individuals including women who were formed part of the Standard bank incubator in 2017.

Mulalo is a qualified relationship Coach who supports entrepreneurs when they face relationship issues that negatively impact them. This qualification provides her with a unique insight into how personalities can either hinder or propel an individual to the next level of development.

In her last role at the Industrial Development Corporation South Africa, she contributed to the pipeline generation of women-owned businesses for funding which ignited afresh her desire to help women grow and find their voice without giving up their feminine traits.

She managed Startup Nations South Africa, a program within the Global Entrepreneurship Network.