Susan Banda-Mudiwa


Susan Banda-Mudiwa is an Executive Coach with international experience. With 20+ years of leadership experience in the development sector and the corporate world, Susan brings her skills and knowledge to the coaching journey for her clients. Susan has worked with clients in leadership and other positions in multilateral organizations, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and the youth, among others. Her expertise lies in creating a safe thinking space where individuals can think their deepest thoughts and realize their potential and their ambitions. In the coaching journey, Susan takes her clients on a journey of discovery, a journey of amplification leading to a realization of their highest potential and reach of Purpose, Significance (legacy) and Security (values.) During this process, her clients experience attentive and respectful listening from Susan, powerful questioning as well as a sense of trust and intimacy that she creates.
Susan is based in Kenya and has worked with clients from all over the world, including Australia, United States of America, Malawi, South Africa, Togo, Dubai, Nepal, India, Europe, South Sudan and Somalia. Susan believes that all her clients have great potential within them and her passion is to work with them to unlock this potential to enable them to lead more meaningful lives and to lead passionately and collaboratively in their own spaces.

 1. Leadership Development
 2. Executive Coaching

Leadership Development, Business Coaching, Women, Systemic Team Coaching

Susan uses the Co-Active and GROW models of coaching, customizing them to meet the needs of her
clients. She blends models and uses various tools, as she takes them on a river, unearthing strengths,
purpose, values, amplifying those that are needed as they reach a point of realizing their full potential to
go out and navigate the world with a renewed sense of purpose. The discussion is always guided by the
area of focus and agenda chosen by the client as Susan holds the space for them and becomes their
thinking partner on this journey.

Western Heights, 2nd Floor,
Karuna Road, Westlands.
P.O. Box 50649, 00200 Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 020 231 3240 / +254 715 313 244
Email: [email protected]

Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching
Systemic Team Coaching Certificate
Certified Level 1 eCoachPro
Certified Hogan Assessment Practitioner

Hogan Assessments
University of Missouri School of Journalism, Missouri, USA
MSc Journalism
Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, USA
Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication)
Chancellor College – University of Malawi
BA Humanities (with Credit)